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Anne Marie Petash .. S.S.C.H.

In the early 1980,s Anne Marie began working as a personal trainer.

She delved deeper into the organic mechanics of the body firstly through becoming a qualified reflexologist aligned with an in depth study of nutrition and its impact on well being.

She soon realised that in order to effect a more holistic approach to self healing she would have to go further still and undertook to train as a pilates practitioner under Anne Marie Zulkahari & Alan Herdman in 1989.

Rounding on her knowledge she then proceeded to qualify as a colonic hydro therapist at the SSCH. Her multidisciplined viewpoint has enabled her to empower a whole range of students who regularly come to her west London studio.

Anne Marie believes there is no single approach to integrating all aspects of the mind body union and her response to all is individual and personal.


You may be surprised to learn that evidence of the practice of colonic irrigation dates back as far as 1500 BC; when Egyptians regularly visited their temples for a cleansing. Nowadays, its popularity continues to escalate, with more and more people, in every corner of the world, using it as part of their routine health regime.
At ibiCASA, we felt that it was time to get to the bottom of what this age-old tradition is all about.

5 amazing effects of Pilates in Ibiza to empower your body & mind this week!

Anne-Marie Petash, possibly the most highly qualified Pilates teacher in Ibiza, shares the top 5 benefits of Pilates as she experienced them.   She welcomes you to enjoy the magic too – for plenty of empowerment in body and mind.




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