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  Decrease Toxic Overload - Remove Parasites - Re-Educate the large intestine  

These complaints & others can benefit from a series of colonics, to cleanse the body & strengthen the immune system, along with a change of diet & exercise.

Joint pains, arthritis, etc
Varicose ulcers
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Low energy

Some protective bacteria are washed away during the treatment. The use of probiotics will ensure an abundant proliferation of these beneficial bacteria.

By removing toxic overload the intestinal musculature are actually strengthend & re-toned as thousands of grateful patients will testify. Prior to your treatment you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire. This information is taken into account when drawing up your personal plan of care. The aim of which is to return you to good health.

The treatment itself will take 30-50 mins. Your colon will be exercised, cleansed & dislodged of old waste & gas giving a light & healthy feeling internally.
Your modesty is respected at all times.

Colonic Hydrotherapists are not trained to diagnose diseases, but imbalances and breakdowns within the bodies own self healing abilities.
Apart from administering a colonic, the role of the therapist is essentially to educate & support a person to become more in charge of their health & well being.


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